Blue Looks Good in 2019

Many of our plans for 2019 will include:

  • NEW lower annual deductibles
  • 2 free PCP visits
  • 2 free mental health visits
  • Free preventive care
  • NEW $5 Rx copay for many commonly used drugs

*All 2018 members will be automatically re-enrolled in a similar plan for 2019

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2019 Premium Changes

Rate Change Notice


Your 2019 plan and rate details will be sent to you in early November.

Consent Decree with UPMC Does NOT Apply to my Direct Blue plans

Understanding your Prescription Drug Formulary

We want to make sure that our plans provide the coverage you need and prescription drugs are an important part of that. The list of the drugs that your plan covers is called a “formulary.”

In 2019, Highmark plans will continue to use the Essential Formulary, which:

  • New for 2019: Offers $5 copays for many commonly used drugs (Tier 1) and includes both generic and brand name drugs
  • Groups drugs into four levels or “tiers.”
  • Saves you money when your doctor prescribes drugs on the lower tiers.
  • Lower tiers include generic drugs while higher tiers covers both brand-name and generic drugs
  • Is a closed formulary—your plan pays only for drugs listed.

If your doctor prescribes a drug that is not included in the Essential Formulary, you may have to pay 100% out of pocket.

Before you enroll in a plan, make sure your prescriptions are covered.

In-Network Hospitals for 2019

Highmark networks of hospitals and health care providers give you plenty of options to choose from that are close to home.

Before you pick a plan and use your health insurance, check to see which facilities in-network.


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